HTML5 will work nicely! Photo courtesy of Apple Inc.

I’ve heard a lot of grumblings around the internet about the impending Apple iPad not having Flash support. I’m not in that camp because, while I think Flash was a great tool in its day, it’s time has passed. Now it’s used too often, with little benefit. It needlessly slows sites down, especially for people that don’t have broadband internet or who surf the internet over slower mobile broadband connections. It is time for something leaner, meaner and nonproprietary to take its place. Besides, aren’t you just a little annoyed by all those Flash intro pages? I mean come on. If I go to a restaurant’s website, I want information, not a slideshow.

A lot of people agree with me and the chosen successor appears to be the developing standard: HTML5. YouTube has already put HTML5 into use for those who want to join their beta. That’s a great start, but what if you want to use an HTML5 video player on your site, so that your video will work on iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads? Or maybe you just want to spare the visitors to your company’s site the pain of Flash. Then you should check out this article I found on ReadWriteWeb that details what Jilion is doing with their Sublime Video Player. Jilion’s HTML5 based Sublime Player is still in prerelease demo form, but it looks quite promising. Plus, it works great on my iPhone. Check it out and see what you think. I’ll definitely be using it on all my sites once it’s released.